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The $10,000.00 Jackpot

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

With the Monday night jackpot officially at the $10,000.00 level, we wanted to take a moment to remind our existing players and new ones about our progressive jackpot!

Once the Jackpot reaches $10,000.00 it becomes a Progressive Jackpot. The number of balls called to win will increase by 1 each week to a maximum of 55 balls. For example, Monday, October 3rd is 50 balls or less. If the jackpot does not go, the following week it is 51 balls or less. On week six of the Progressive Jackpot, if the Jackpot hasn’t already been claimed, there will be a guaranteed $10,000.00 winner.

Due to the excitement around this time, we encourage players to purchase their Bingo cards prior to Bingo night as they are typically sold out by the time Monday rolls around. Our retailers are equipped to sell you Bingo cards for the entire week leading up to Bingo, so, the earlier the better!

Previous Winners

In the two years Heart and Stroke NB Live Streamed Bingo has been operating we have been lucky enough to present our players with some impressive prizes! Take a look at our Winners Circle!

Looking to join the Winners Circle?

The only way to join the Winners Circle is by playing! Heart and Stroke NB Live Streamed Bingo is a PROVINCE-WIDE program, meaning whether you live in Campbellton, Sackville, or St. George, this Bingo is for you! Bingo cards can be purchased at Circle K stores as well as participating Giant Tiger, Needs Convenience, Scholtens, and many other independent retailers. You can find out which location is nearest to you by clicking here.

Happy $10,000.00 Jackpot Season and Happy Bingo Dabbing!

Will you be our next winner?

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