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Gain Life Saving Skills

Our courses prepare your staff to act in emergencies.

Customized Content

Relevant topics and training chosen specifically related to your industry.

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Access cutting-edge curriculums and on-site training for your convenience.

Corporate First Aid Training

Equip Your Team with Skills & Confidence

Prepare your team to make a difference.

Corporate First Aid Training
Contact us today to schedule first aid training specifically designed for your business. 


How long is my certification valid?


First Aid certifications are valid for 3 years


How many people can be trained at one time?


Our instructor to student ratio is 1 to 12. We gladly accommodate larger groups, and will dispatch additional instructors to meet the required ratio & ensure a seamless training experience.


Where does training take place?


  • For corporate / organizational classes, our instructors are happy to come to you, while your group enjoys the convenience of staying put. All we require is a space large enough to be able to move around, and connection to AV – that’s it!

  • For public courses or corporate courses where a space is not available, our instructors will offer training in a community location.


Who benefits from first aid training?


Emergencies happen anywhere, anytime - on the field, at work or during dinner at home. Act now. 
Discover how Heart & Stroke NB First Aid Training prepares you for anything. 
Ensure you're equipped to confidently handle unforeseen situations. 

Every moment counts in an emergency.

First Aid Certification Training

Empower yourself or your team with the knowledge and confidence to provide first aid when the unthinkable happens. 

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