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Get Involved with #NBHeartsinMotion

NB Hearts in Motion

NB Hearts in Motion is a hashtag campaign in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick. It is designed to create awareness about physical activity, heart disease and stroke as well as raise money for the Foundation. All of the funds raised stay in New Brunswick.

This super fun, flexible, and easy fundraiser can bring your group together for a great cause! There are only four steps to this event:

  1. Choose a date and time for your event.

  2. Collect donations using the supplied donation form as you lead up to your event.

  3. Get active with your teammates (friends, family, and/or coworkers) on your chosen date.

  4. Post photos on your social media with the hashtag #NBHeartsinMotion

Amazing Fundraising Rewards

$100 - T-Shirt $250 - Sweater $500 - Pressure Cooker

Interested in getting involved but need more information on why it's important?

  1. 52.5% of New Brunswick adults are considered physically inactive.

  2. 63% of New Brunswick adults are not physically active enough to gain any significant health benefits.

  3. Among adults, NB has the country's highest rate of physical inactivity.

  4. 70% of adults in New Brunswick are either overweight or obese.

  5. New Brunswick adults have the highest rates of obesity in all of Canada.

We are looking for New Brunswick businesses, unions, groups, friends and families to help spread the #NBHeartsinMotion message! Send an email to if you'd like to register your team! The program can be run anytime, has no cost to your team and is completely flexible!
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