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February is Heart Month!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Paper Hearts

Heart and Stroke NB is a health charity active in communities across New Brunswick and February is Heart Month! Heart Month is a time to focus on the importance of cardiovascular health and what we can do to reduce our risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

We are rallying New Brunswicker's behind a cause that touches every single one of us in some way – unexpectedly, tragically, and often at the very heart of our homes. We aim to make the healthy choice the easiest and most popular choice available.
Did you know that 24% of all deaths in New Brunswick are due to Heart Disease or Stroke?
Did you know that 70% of adults and 36% of NB children are either overweight or obese?
We are working to change these statistics. During February, Heart and Stroke NB and our amazing partners across the province join forces for our Paper Hearts Campaign. Retailers include: Circle K, Jean Coutu, Kent, Giant Tiger, and so many more. At their locations, you may see red paper hearts displayed in their stores, and you may even be asked to donate to the fundraiser.

By purchasing a Paper Heart you are directly funding the next breakthrough!


Tips from Heart and Stroke NB

In the spirit of Heart Month, we encourage everyone to take some time to reflect and improve their quality of life as best as they can. People live busy lives and trying to make all kinds of lifestyle changes can become counter-intuitive. Try focusing on ONE small habit change at a time! The Live Well | Bien Vivre program offers health coaching at no charge to New Brunswicker's 19+. Health Coach Courtni Soucy explains,
"When thinking about working on new goals and habits, it may be beneficial to consider them through the lens of process-based goals. A process-based goal focuses on the activities or processes that can be implemented to eventually result in a better outcome. Process-based goals are more realistic, attainable, and sustainable in the long term. While 'being healthier' may be the desired outcome, we want to ask ourselves: what processes can we incorporate to tangibly improve your health?"
Courtni reminds us that:
  1. The goal is not to do everything at once and taking small steps to work towards our goals can lead to huge gains in the long term.

  2. As we continue on our journey through change, we can always re-evaluate and readjust our goals as needed.

Many people make food-related resolutions this time of year, usually with a weight loss goal in mind. However, rigid diets do not usually set people up for success or long-term weight loss. Registered Dietitian Johanna McLeod goes on to say,
"Disappointment from eliminating favorite foods, difficulty adhering to a different eating style than others at home, discomfort from hunger, and guilt when including "off-limit foods" are all common roadblocks in traditional restrictive diets."
Johanna offers a solution to this, to consider mindful eating as a way of expressing kindness to yourself while you work toward your healthy eating goals. Johanna describes mindful eating as essentially meaning paying attention. It involves being in tune with what is going on around you with all of your senses and what you are experiencing at the moment, without judgment, while eating. She acknowledges that we are certainly encouraged to choose foods that promote wellness; however, eating mindfully means not being judgmental or critical of your choices if you choose something that is not traditionally viewed as "nutritious."
  • Please call 1-800-663-3600 to get in touch with a Live Well | Bien Vivre Health Coach.

  • To purchase Paper Hearts, check out your local Circle K, Jean Coutu, Kent, or Giant Tiger.

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