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Heart Healthy Schools 2023-2024

The Heart Healthy Schools program teaches students about healthy habits across four different theme weeks - Explore Vegetables & Fruit, Discover Water, Joyful Movement, and Rest & Recharge.   New for the 2023-2024 year is an optional theme week, Experience Clean Air, with resources and activities to support messages around a smoke/vape free lifestyle, reducing pollution and enjoying outdoor time.  Schools who complete the four original theme weeks earn a Heart Healthy Schools designation.  This year Heart Healthy Schools is joining forces with Jump Rope for Heart to increase funds earned for schools participating in both programs.   

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Help learners get curious and explore healthy habits that support their growing minds and bodies.

Heart Healthy Schools

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Experience Clean Air


Rest & Recharge

Joyful Movement

Discover  Water

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits &


Create excitement with students about different  fruit and vegetables, how they're grown, where they come from, what they taste like, why they are important for health.



Help students get curious about food sources of fluid, enjoying water in different ways,

importance of water for breath and

tasks of daily living.



Engage students in physical activities in the classroom. outdoors, and encouragement for activity at home, in a way that emphasizes fun and pleasure for their health.

Rest &


Explore activities that promote

restful sleep, mindfulness, and restoration for students' mind and bodies.


Clean Air

NEW for 2023/24 (OPTIONAL)

To enioy fresh clean air as students play learn and grow, while encouraging lifestyles that reduce

pollution and are free of smoke

and vape products.

"We really liked this program and want to do it again next year!"

- École Camille-Vautour

Heart Healthy Schools

What does a Heart Healthy Schools program look like?

Theme week activities could include:

Taste testing and rating different types of vegetables & fruits
Growing vegetables in  a community garden or hydroponic classroom garden
Role playing the sequence of events to grow fruit or vegetables
Decorating the water fountains to encourage students to stop and drink
Preparing and serving fruit infused water
Brainstorming on ways we use water in our daily lives
Incorporating microbreaks during class time to stretch and do yoga poses
Writing a journal about bedtime habits to prepare for restful sleep
Broadcasting morning announcements about importance of refreshing sleep
Participating in Jump Rope for Heart
Hosting a 5 minute dance party to break up a lesson.
Choosing different actions like side stepping or leap frogging for hallway transit
Creating posters for classroom doors with pictures about favourite outdoor play activities

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An initiative of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick (HSFNB) manages the Heart Healthy Schools program. The mission of HSFNB is to promote health, save lives, and enhance recovery. The Heart Healthy Schools program helps further this mission by creating opportunities for schools to engage students in fun activities while learning about habits for health now and in the future. 

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

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Heart Healthy Schools Program

Taking Part is as easy as

Here's how it works:
1. Register

Click the "register" button below and answer some questions about your school 

2. Coordinate Theme Weeks

Plan 4 different theme weeks with activities through the school year

3. Become a Heart Healthy School

Complete final survey and earn Heart Healthy Schools designation.

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