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May 15th Super Bingo | Mothers Day

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Super Bingo

We are very excited to announce the third Super Bingo! This weeks Super Jackpot will once again be $20,000! Come join us on Monday night, May 15th for your chance to win big. We have a guaranteed total prize pool of $5,000 to giveaway across all games if no one wins the Super Jackpot!

Special Games

This week we will feature 5 unique games with increased prizes.

Game 1: $450.00 | Game 2: $550.00 | Game 3: $650.00 | Game 4: $850.00 | Game 5: $20,000

  • If you receive a full card in 50 balls or less you will win the Super Bingo $20,000 Jackpot!

  • If 51 balls or more are needed for a full card, the consolation purse will be $2,500!

Mothers Day

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick would like to take a moment to recognize and wish all mothers a happy, restful, and fulfilling Mothers Day. We all have women in our lives who have played an important role in forming who we are and how we have grown. Let's take this time to show our appreciation and gratefulness for the impacts they have made.

Our community is fortunate to be diverse, welcoming, and empowering. This would not be achievable without all of the talented, knowledgeable, and gifted women who predominantly lead our organization.

Happy Mothers Day to all!

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