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Putting AEDs Within Reach 

AED Subsidy Program

Financial support meets emergency preparedness. Our AED Subsidy Program aims to improve the availability and accessibility of AEDs, ensuring all communities have the power to save lives. 

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Natasha Russell

First Aid Instructor

Our Subsidy in Action 

About our AED Subsidy Program

AED Subsidy Program

While AEDs are life saving devices – the simple fact is, that they need to be available to be used. Unfortunately, we know that financial cost of purchasing and maintaining an AED can be an obstacle to acquiring these tools. This is why, we have created our AED Subsidy Fund. This program is funded in part by a grant through NB’s Department of Health,  with a goal to breakdown cost barriers and empower organizations to acquire an AED.  The AED Subsidy Program covers 75%, up to a maximum of $3,500 for eligible costs.

Ultimately, we aim to increase the number of publicly accessible AEDs and improve survival rates for out of hospital cardiac arrests as a result.  Applications can be submitted throughout the year, and they will be reviewed at the end of each quarterly cycle, with deadlines on January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th.


All organizations are welcome to apply, however, in the case of limited funds, precedence will be given to priority locations.

Priority Locations

  • Community Service / Non-Profit Groups

  • Education Centre's

  • Athletic / Recreation Facilities

  • High Rise Buildings

  • Ferries

  • Provincial / Nature Parks


To receive a subsidy, the following requirements must be met.

 Subsidy Requirements 

  • Eligible items must have been purchased within 12 months prior to application

  • AED must be registered with PAD program 

  • AED must be Health Canada approved

  • Successful applicants must maintain AED in accordance with manufacture guidelines. 

Qualifying Costs

The following expenses are eligible to be covered under the AED Subsidy Program.

    Qualifying Costs

  • AED Unit

  • AED Cabinet  and/or carrying case

  • AED Accessories (ex: signage, gloves, etc.)

  • Registration with Medavie’s PAD program

  • AED Maintenance Costs (pads, batteries, etc.)

  • CPR / AED training for members

Apply Before Purchase

Apply through our Restart a Heart Program.

Organizations who wish to order an AED through our Restart a Heart program, can apply for subsidy before purchasing their AED package. Successful applicants will have the subsidy applied to their account balance prior to billing.

Apply After Purchase

Apply for a reimbursement of AED related costs.

Organizations acquiring an AED outside of the Restart a Heart program, can apply for eligible expenses to be reimbursed. Simply provide proof of purchase when applying, and successful applicants will receive reimbursements for their costs.

AED Subsidy Program

Two Ways to Apply

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