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Diane's Journey to a Healthier, Happier Life Through Health Coaching

Meet Diane, a 54-year-old who knew she needed to make a change for her health but was unsure where to begin. After a conversation with her family doctor, who recommended working with a Health Coach, Diane hesitated initially but decided to make the call. Little did she know how transformative this decision would be for her well-being.

During that first call, Diane was pleasantly surprised by the warm, friendly, and inviting demeanor of her Health Coach. The Health Coach explained that the program's support came at no additional cost, thanks to funding from the Department of Health of New Brunswick. This assurance eased Diane's mind, and she felt a newfound sense of hope that her Health Coach could help her achieve her long-term lifestyle goals.

Still, on the morning of her first appointment, Diane felt a bit nervous. She knew her Health Coach would ask questions and explore ways to improve her health and lifestyle. Living with chronic conditions like pain, arthritis, and type 2 diabetes presented significant challenges, and Diane recognized the need for guidance in overcoming these barriers. To her relief, Diane found her Health Coach easy to talk to and nonjudgmental. At the end of their meeting, the Health Coach asked Diane what she believed would be the best first step toward improving her lifestyle. Diane appreciated the approach; it was up to her to determine the areas she was ready to work on. She felt truly heard and valued.

Over the course of the first month, Diane met with her Health Coach three times. She appreciated that her goals were concise, and her Health Coach helped her recognize the positive changes in her lifestyle and health. Achieving these short-term goals boosted her motivation, and the coaching sessions provided valuable feedback on the next steps to take. Slowly but surely, progress was being made, and Diane was thrilled with the results.

After a month, Diane felt so motivated and confident that she decided to space out her meetings. Over the next three months, she met with her Health Coach four times, now on a four-week schedule. Despite fewer meetings, Diane felt empowered and saw herself making consistent, positive choices. With her Health Coach's support, Diane also learned how to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of lifestyle changes. She developed strategies and backup plans to stay on track when life presented challenges.

Four months and a total of seven meetings later, Diane was not only empowered and confident in maintaining her goals but also equipped with the tools to bounce back on challenging days. Diane understood that she was human, not a machine, and she learned to embrace the ebb and flow of progress. Diane was happier, healthier, and fully engaged in her health goals, all while doing things her way.

Health Coaching had played a pivotal role in helping Diane reach her desired destination. Her final words to her Health Coach were, "That was the best call I ever made, and I’m glad my you picked up the phone that first day!" It was a privilege to support Diane on her journey to better health and well-being, and we would be delighted to support you.

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