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Discover the Benefits of a Health Coach

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

At what age were you first exposed to the role of Coach? You were probably very young.

What is a Coach?

A Coach is a support that helps guide you. It does this in a structured way that limits options and possibilities. A Coach might also tell you what to do in a straight-forward, direct, and overpowering way. That description of a Coach is the complete opposite of what Health Coaching represents.

Health Coaching

A Health Coach practices active listening and is easy to talk to, they build a working relationship with clients based out of trust and mutual respect. A Live Well |Bien Vivre Health Coach spends time to understand their client. A Health Coach is interested in what you have to say and wants to gain your perspective. A Health Coach will guide their client to help them take a stand on the topics that are important to them, not the Health Coach.

Each individual has the right to figure out how to improve their lifestyle and how it best works for their life. Accessing the support from a Health Coach has been shown to be beneficial in order to break down the steps to get to where the individual wants to be. Most people know where they are in their journey of bettering their lifestyle. They also know where they would like to be. A Health Coach will guide, support and breakdown the journey from the starting point to the end goal. That breakdown of steps is done in a way where change can become as comfortable as it can be by working on a process that includes an increase in a person’s motivation to accomplish their goal, and an increase in the selective confidence to accomplish that goal.

The guidance provided by a Health Coach not only centres around knowledge, but is also focused on actionable tactics. Managing our levels of physical activity or living with a balanced diet is not solely based on knowledge. Direct and indirect skills are associated to knowledge so we can learn to make better choices. Those choices and behaviors need to be embedded, reinforced, and practiced on a daily basis so that they can get to a point where they become somewhat effortless. A Health Coach creates a process, in partnership with their client, of positive reinforcement where the more you do better, the more you want to continually improve. Health Coaches create empowerment for the client so that they are inspired to continue to make change happen, instead of trying to push themselves to change.

The goal is to build a process where we see happier, healthier New Brunswickers. And we are ready to help! If you need help to improve your eating habits, increase physical activity, or learn how to manage stress in a healthier way, a Live Well | Bien Vivre Health Coach will help you arrive at a point where you are maintaining those changes.

Book a consultation with a Heart & Stroke NB Health Coach and learn more about this no-cost program here.

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