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It has become my passion to teach this life saving skill.

Natasha Russell

First Aid Instructor

Become an Instructor

First Aid Training

Teach life-saving skills, impact your community and earn as a Heart & Stroke NB First Aid Instructor.

Instructor Benefits

Earn an Income

Becoming a first aid instructor offers the opportunity to earn a competitive income while making a difference in your community.

Flexible Schedule

Enjoy the convenience of flexible scheduling options that allow you to teach on your terms.

Local Support

Receive dedicated local support and resources to enhance your teaching experience and ensure your success as an instructor.

Submit application to be an instructor

Take a core instructor training course

Register, attend, and successfully complete the instructor training course

You will be monitored by an instructor trainer within 6 months of taking an instructor course to gain full certification

Teach a minimum of two classes per year to maintain instructor status

The Journey:

Become a First Aid Instructor

Click the link below to being your journey today!


Passionate about teaching? Over 18 years old? If yes, you're eligible!


You must hold a current provider certification to the course you wish to teach. 

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