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Susan's Journey: Overcoming Smoking with Health Coaching

New Brunswick Woman quit smoking with help from health coach

Susan is a determined 52-year-old on a mission to improve her health. After undergoing knee surgery, she's been diligently working on rehabilitation to boost her mobility and overall function. Despite her progress, exercising leaves her struggling for breath due to her smoking habit. Eager to kick the habit but unsure how to begin, Susan finds herself at a crossroads.


Enter the Health Coach – Susan's beacon of guidance within the Live Well/Bien Vivre program. Right from their initial meeting, Susan sensed she had found a supportive ally to help her achieve her wellness goals. Together, they pinpointed smoking cessation as Susan's primary focus for behavior change, closely followed by managing stress.


In their sessions, Susan and her Health Coach delved into her motivation, confidence, and understanding of quitting smoking. They explored her routines, needs, and strengths, with the Health Coach steering Susan toward valuable community resources specializing in smoking cessation. Susan tapped into the regional Smoking Cessation Clinic and gleaned insights from Smoke & Vape Free NB (SVFNB) website.


Not only did Susan learn what steps to take for quitting, but she also discovered how to integrate these changes seamlessly into her daily life. Essentially, she needed to acquire the skills to make lasting lifestyle adjustments that suited her. Collaborating with her Health Coach, they identified hurdles and strategies for action, aided by an action plan tool that helped her track progress. Each success bolstered her confidence.


As Susan progressed, her rapport with her clinical team flourished. She proudly updated them on achieving small, realistic goals and became more engaged in following their treatment plan. Her internal drive to succeed surged.


Delving deeper, Susan gained insight into why smoking had become her go-to coping mechanism. Together with her Health Coach, she uncovered her stressors, learned to gauge stress levels, and crafted a plan to adopt healthier stress management techniques in her daily routine. Gradually, these strategies replaced the impulse to reach for a cigarette, becoming ingrained habits.


Not only did Susan triumph in quitting smoking, but she also mastered healthier stress management. Consequently, her physiotherapy sessions became more manageable as her breathing improved. Though not flawless, Susan's progress was undeniably headed in the right direction. Grateful for the support from the Live Well/Bien Vivre

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