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Sarah's Fitness Journey

35-year-old Sarah has struggled with physical fitness for most of her adult life. As a child, Sarah stayed physically active by playing sports. Now she is struggling to find new ways to achieve her fitness goals. She doesn’t enjoy the gym, and finds she gets bored on walks. Sarah mentioned her struggles to her registered dietician and they recommend the Live Well /Bien Vivre program. Sarah contacted her local Health Coach and was immediately drawn to the fundamentals of the program.

Over the course of a few sessions, Sarah and her health coach explored what a physical activity goal would look like for her. Together they uncovered the reasons why this goal was important to Sarah, and explored various types of physical activities that inspired her. Sarah came to the realization that she felt most motivated in a group environment. With this discovery Sarah’s Health Coach assisted her in crafting a goal tailored to her preferences and needs.

Sarah’s Health Coach was able to use community resources to help Sarah find a group exercise class that she loves. Sarah and her health coach were then able to set a physical activity goal surrounding group fitness. Sarah is excited knowing that she is on her way to meeting her fitness goals with the support of her newfound fitness community. With this momentum Sarah is looking forward to embracing new challenges and achieving even greater milestones. 

Written by: Stephanie Melanson

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