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Live Well | Bien Vivre

A LWBV Health Coach is a partner to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Live Well | Bien Vivre began in November 2012 with the training of six Health Coaches, and the first health coaching session took place in Moncton a month later. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick has been in charge of the program since August 2019.

LWBV is an evidence-based program that utilizes best practices to assist clients in adjusting their health behaviors. All New Brunswickers aged 19 and up are eligible for free professional health coaching in English and French.

LWBV Health Coaches collaborate actively with local health professionals and organizations. People are referred to Health Coaches through this work for assistance in achieving lifestyle goals. LWBV Health Coaches are located throughout the province, supporting and connecting clients with tools and resources in their community.

Your LWBV Health Coach is waiting to guide you on your wellness journey.

Live Well | Bien Vivre professional health coaching is accessible, bilingual, and offered at no charge for all New Brunswick residents 19 and over. You and your LWBV Health Coach will connect in a way that is both comfortable and convenient for you. You'll meet as frequently as you need to feel confident about continuing your health and wellness journey.

Meet the Health Coaches

We are supporters and connectors.

To live well you want to make healthy choices; not everyone knows how to get started. Your LWBV Health Coach will discuss your health and wellness goals with you and address any concerns you may have. They will then connect you with the tools and resources you require to achieve your goals.

All of our Live Well | Bien Vivre Health Coaches have pockets of excellence. Our team includes trained dietitians, kinesiologists, teachers, psychologists, and other professionals with related experience. All of our Live Well | Bien Vivre Health Coaches have undergone extensive training both from recognized Universities and internal customized training.

Health Coaches are located throughout New Brunswick to help clients access community services and resources. LWBV Health Coaches meet directly with clients in a variety of health, community, and virtual settings. 97% of our clients who completed the program achieved their health and wellness goals.

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