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The role of a professional Health Coach

When you deliver a diagnosis to your patients, the news can be met with fear, shock, and confusion. People often have trouble processing health information and feel lost after their appointment.  Having a health coach involved in your patient’s care increases engagement and helps them to create lasting lifestyle changes. 


Whether your patient is newly diagnosed or living with a chronic illness, or wants a healthier lifestyle, our professional Health Coaches can provide support, strategies, and guidance to connect them with vital tools and community resources.

People have limited success adopting health-promoting lifestyles through prescriptive and expert educational approaches. In addition to the knowledge they acquire from the expertise of clinicians, to develop a wellness plan and have confidence in implementing it, new life skills are needed. Our health coaches focus on building self-efficacy, confidence, motivation in our clients, which is the key to lasting behaviour change.


Live Well | Bien Vivre  is accessible, bilingual, no charge professional health coaching that’s focused on prevention and self-management of chronic disease and conditions.  Over 60% of adults in New Brunswick live with at least 1 chronic condition. Our health care provider referrals work to support those patients. 


We know that 33% of our clients report that they’ve heard about us through their health care provider. Tell your patients about Live Well | Bien Vivre and refer them to the professional Health Coach nearest them. It only takes a moment to ask and refer a patient.

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