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Stroke Navigation


Stroke recovery can be a long road, but it doesn't have to be so hard. We're here to help.

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Supporting you as you work towards recovery

We know that navigating stroke recovery can be difficult. Our Stroke Navigation program can help. Stroke Navigators  provide resources to help you manage your condition and offer tools to guide you through the healthcare system. Let us help you navigate stroke recovery with ease.


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Stroke Navigation

Ready to begin your journey with one our Stroke Navigators?

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Offering Support:
by helping you stay informed and prepared throughout your stroke recovery. Our program answers questions, provides practical solutions, and helps you work toward your goals.
Providing Education:
to understand your stroke, prevent another stroke from happening, and build skills to manage the effects of stroke.
Helping to Make Connections:
with health care providers and other community supports.

Our Stroke Navigation Program is here to help!

Stroke Navigation is a FREE community service, which helps people with stroke adjust to life back home. Tailored to your needs, this program is designed to support your recovery process.

  • Support your transition between the hospital and the community by connecting you with services and programs in your area.
  • Help you to better understand your stroke and it's effects, find strategies to prevent future strokes, and develop skills to help you manage your condition
  • Collaborate with you through a partnership approach to help you stay motivated toward reaching your recovery goals.
  • Find resources and strategies to help you participate in activities such as daily tasks, recreation, and socializing.
  • Provide you with consistent care throughout your recovery journey that is tailored to your preferences, needs, and values.

Our Stroke Navigation Program Can:

Stroke Navigation services can be benefit individuals in many ways, including:
  • Improve your confidence in managing the effects of stroke
  • A feeling of increased support to help navigate the health care and social systems post-stroke
  • Access to education and strategies for living with stroke
  •  Exploration of strategies to maintain, enhance, and develop social support post-stroke
  •  An increase in opportunities to re-engage in desired vocational and recreational activities
  •  Knowledge regarding community resources and how to access this information 

How Can Stroke Navigation Benefit Me?