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Stroke Navigation


We are here to help

About Stroke Navigation

Together we will make it happen. 

Advocacy is a key to the Heart & Stroke NB vision of healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

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When someone has a stroke, the faster they get to medical care, the better their chances of survival and recovery. That’s why we’re working to make sure more Canadians recognize the signs of stroke and know what to do. The key is FAST, an awareness tool we developed with experts based on international best practices.

How You Can Help:

  • Share FAST with family, friends, colleagues and coworkers

  • Help anyone experiencing or witnessing a stroke to act FAST

Stroke Awareness

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Advocacy Priorities
About Stroke Navigation

We are here to help

Recovering from a stroke can be challenging, but the Stroke Navigation program  is here to help! Our free service is available to all New Brunswick residents returning home after a stroke. Our Stroke Navigators will be with you every step of the way, whether in person, by phone, or video call.

How it works

 Stroke Navigators are here to help you navigate the health, social, and community systems and support your recovery from stroke. We work with you to set recovery goals, access community resources, and evaluate progress. Our approach centers on patient empowerment and patient-centered care. Together, we'll develop personalized recovery goals and action plans to meet your unique needs.

Meet Our Stroke Navigators

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